Program for statistics of roulette

The idea for this site came from statistics, which the casino gives to the players. When you go to the roulette table you can see the last numbers. For example the last 20 or 30 numbers. In this list of numbers easy can see how many times black or red are shown, how many of them are in turn. But when you want to see how many odd or even numbers, or some of the streets, or some of the columns are shown and is difficult to get this information. On this site you will find one tool, which will help you for monitoring your game of roulette and to see statistics of your game. With this tool you can monitoring how many times diferent events are shown from all spins. How many times in a row, from how many times did not shown some event. To can use this information you will need to enter every number in the program after any spin of the roulette wheel. On the Instructions page on this site you will find more information how to use the program.


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